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Fly Charleston, LLC

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Why Banner Advertising?

Rush Hour Is Magic Hour

Every day, more and more people move to Charleston. That means more traffic, and more exposure for your business. Aerial billboards flying overhead are proven to be more memorable than regular roadside billboards. 

Affordability & Reliability

We keep our prices affordable to keep you coming back, with no hidden fees and no price spikes for peak hours or holidays. Our customer service is unparalleled, with 24/7 availability and unmatched reliability. 

Target Your Market

Aerial advertising offers incredible flexibility. We are able to get your message out where and when you want, to the people you want, whether it's your business name or your organization's special event. 

Banner Towing Services

Custom Aerial Billboard

A custom aerial billboard is the most memorable, effective, and affordable way for you to advertise your business, organization, or event. Our team will design a colorful, custom aerial billboard up to 25' x 80' to suit your needs. Call us today to get started.

Letter Banners

Get your message across with up to 45 big-impact letters! Letter banners are best for sales, one-time events, and personal messages. Our most flexible and affordable option, letter banners are included in your block time purchase. 

Combo Billboard + Banner

Enjoy the continued returns from your maximum investment in a custom aerial billboard with the flexibility of our letter banners. Great for sales, events, and specials!


New products are coming soon!